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Chairman & Co-Founder
Former chairman and shareholder of the Dreyfuss Group.

Robert is the definition of a ‘workaholic’ but you can catch him exercising every day in order to help clear his mind. And if he’s not looking at watches, he might be admiring cars. Strictly between you and I, he loves Ferrari but don’t tell him we told you!



Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
Former Group Operations Director for The Dreyfuss Group.

Tony is a keen motorcyclist, who enjoys riding on the track, off road and touring. The thrill and sense of freedom motorcycling gives is addictive he says. That feeling of throwing a few essentials (phone & tablet charger ha, ha) over the back of a bike and heading out to go touring with friends is a joy, one of which he will never tire.



Marketing Consultant & Co-Founder
Former CEO of The Dreyfuss Group.
Former Marketing Manager at L’Oreal

Outside work, Victoria enjoys the great outdoors with her family and dogs, holidaying in the UK so the dogs can come too. Horses also used to take up a lot of time but since a major accident a few years ago, Victoria now deems it safer to be part of the support team and spectate. She harbours a dream to breed an equine superstar.......



Customer Experience Director
Former Group Sales Director for The Dreyfuss Group

Thomas spends the majority of his spare time at his local golf club working hard to reduce his handicap, twice in the last 12 months he has witnessed a member of his four-ball get a hole in one (claiming to have coached the shot!) He is also Chairman of the local golf society whose main function is to raise cash for local causes. When not playing golf his passion is cooking and cooks every evening a healthy meal from scratch.



Commercial Operations Director
Former Head Commercial Operations for The Dreyfuss Group.

Catriona enjoys experimenting in the kitchen by attempting to recreate dishes enjoyed whilst eating out. When not eating out, Catriona likes to turn the music up and unwind. Having a teenage daughter keeps her feeling young and active, spending 'girlie' weekends together.



Strategy Director & Co-Founder
Watch enthusiast & Graduate of Business and Computer Science at Boston University, USA

Joshua is an avid Tottenham fan and prides himself on never missing a game. He started his entrepreneurial business career very young when, at the age of nine, sold watches to his teachers at school. He’s constantly coming up with innovative ideas!

Kishore Naib


Technical Consultant

Kishore is our CTO. A self-taught coder, founded and developed which he sold to the Aurum Group in 2015.